November 12th


Digital Accountability for the Finance industry


Alexander Rauser

When introducing new digital channels, financial institutions need to ensure they have the expertise, resources, and the right processes to launch and operate such new products. 


In this workshop, you will learn about the steps you can take to ensure success in each area of the business and how to run a successful transformation program for financial services.

Do you want to know why so many digital transformation projects fail, cost millions of dollars more than they should and why they provide you with no competitive advantage?


While digital transformation programs promise operational efficiencies, cost savings, and increase in revenue, most companies fall into the technology trap. This means that they end up spending more money on the initiatives than they should, without a clear return on investment.


To solve this problem, financial institutions need to bridge the gap between knowledge, resources, processes, and technology to create a real business impact.


  • Knowledge & Resources

When introducing a new product, the business needs to ensure it has the expertise and resources to operate it. This means to train their staff, ensure there is support, align with other departmental activities, and fully integrate the product into the daily operations.

  • Processes

All affected processes have to be adjusted or integrated into the product to ensure smooth operation and not to create any disruption or overheads on the existing business processes. This could also mean to create new processes where needed. 


  • Platform

Various platforms have to be set up or integrated for the solution to the world. This means integration with the core banking system, the creation of the platform itself as well as integration into marketing activities.


  • Impact

The definition of the impact the product should make has to be clearly defined to ensure that the final solution creates the desired effect on the business.   


Attend this workshop and learn how you can ensure digital transformation success for your financial service business using a step by step approach.

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